Cattle virtual fencing

Revolutionizing Cattle Ranching: The Promise and Potential of Virtual Fencing

Virtual fencing is an emerging technology in cattle ranching that offers several benefits over traditional physical fencing, enhancing both livestock management and environmental sustainability.
Kuiper Ranch Moose

Exploring the Kuiper Ranch

This idyllic property boasts a rich history, productive land, and an array of well-maintained improvements, making it a haven for both agricultural pursuits and recreational activities.
Conservation Easement Trout Blog

Preserving the West: Understanding Conservation Easements

A summary of the world of conservation easements in the West, exploring how they safeguard land, protect crucial resources, and offer attractive tax incentives and credits.
Colorado Mule Deer Hunting

Navigating the Colorado Big Game Hunting License Application Process

Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado boasts some of the most breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife in the United States.
Tomichi Creek

Understanding Water Rights in Western States: A Comprehensive Overview

In the western states, water rights are a complex and critical part of the legal framework governing water usage.
Hunting Ranches for Sale

Hunting Ranches for Sale

The Lazy K Ranch, located in Carbon County, Wyoming surrounding the east side of Encampment, is home to trophy populations of mule deer and antelope as well as elk, Bighorn sheep, upland birds and a variety of fish species.
Ellis Sheep Ranch

Ellis Sheep Ranch purchased by Wyoming Game & Fish

The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission has purchased the Ellis Sheep Company Ranch to manage as a wildlife habitat management area. This will allow the G&F to expand access to the public for hunting and fishing in Johnson and Washakie Counties.
USDA Wyoming Conservation

Wyoming & USDA Formalize Conservation Partnership

These programs will help landowners preserve and maintain habitat across private Wyoming lands to benefit wildlife populations.
Wildlife Habitat Preservation

Wildlife Habitat Preservation and Enhancement

Habitat preservation and enhancement play an extremely important role both globally and locally.
Lazy K Ranch

Introducing: Lazy K Ranch

Surrounding the incorporated town of Encampment, WY to the north, south and west, the Lazy K Ranch consists of 3,100 +/- deeded acres benefitted by additional lease acres along the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountains.