Professional Seller Representation

Pfister Land Company, LLC has a proven track record of marketing properties that reach discriminating buyers in every land classification. Most regional brokerage firms utilize the same print advertising, newsprint, online advertising, affiliated online advertising companies and direct email and written correspondence. Most regional real estate companies in the west network very well with other brokerage firms. There is really no secret to marketing. All of the industry leaders are notorious and visible.

It all comes down to “who do you want to represent you in the sale of your property?” It is about relationships and managing one another’s expectations. It is about communicating. Most of our work on a property listing is front loaded in an effort to understand your property so that it can most effectively be marketed to the globe.

Investors place their money in significant land portfolios everyday. Pfister land Company, LLC works with many high net worth families and institutions in land portfolio management and acquisitions.

As attorneys, we know what high ethical standards our principals and clients expect of us. Quite simply, we are held to a higher standard than the typical real estate company and we deliver the high quality professional services in our industry. We deliver precision performance in everything that we do. Were not just messengers we are zealous advocates of the people and institutions that we represent. If you want to list, market and sell your ranch, we are one of the most trusted names in the business when it comes to brokering the finest farms, ranches and sporting properties throughout the Western United States and beyond.