Ranch Management

Ranch ownership is different than ownership of most types of real estate. It requires knowledge of the current operations, an understanding of the resources available on the ranch and a grasp of the financial and budgeting processes. Successful ranch management requires a balance of wildlife and resource management with that of productive agricultural operations. Even the most seasoned ranch manager can struggle with these challenges.

All of our agents at Pfister Land Company were raised on hardworking farms and ranches here in the west and understand the tasks at hand and the true meaning of stewardship. Our experiences and expertise have equipped us with the tools, knowledge, and relationships needed to guide you through the many aspects involved with purchasing and operating today’s ranches. Our expert team can help you find ranches for sale in the west.


To help you through the entire process, we offer consultation and expertise in the following areas often encountered when purchasing and operating property:

  • Water conservation and management irrigation systems
  • Wildlife habitat preservation and enhancement
  • Agricultural programs including crop production, livestock operations and rotational grazing
  • Financial planning, budgeting, accounting and tax consulting
  • Lease origination, negotiation and management (Private, Federal and State)
  • Mineral and water rights assessment and management
  • Recruitment and administration of ranch managers
  • New construction, modeling, and renovation
  • Boundary, fence line and acreage surveys
  • Access, utility and conservation easements
  • Environmental reclamation and abatement
  • Road and bridge construction
  • Consultation and representation for obtaining access to landlocked land
  • Fence, corral and livestock facilities construction

If you are interested in purchasing a ranch and hiring a manager look at some of the exceptional RANCHES and FARMS for sale on our site.