Our Services are Founded On


PFISTER LAND COMPANY, LLC IS A VERTICALLY INTEGRATED COMPANY with in-house expertise in all phases of marketing and acquisitions of property throughout the American West. Our strength is our people; we broker the finest farms, ranches, sporting properties and natural resources with this comprehensive team who serves our clients and their investments. We have a broad, effective, well-established relationship based network of high net-worth families; institutional investors; real estate brokers; attorneys and tax counsel; local, state and governmental officials; title companies; financial institutions and mortgage brokers in order that we are able to bring all the forces to bare to ensure our vertically integrated, holistic approach to the real estate business helps our clientele reach their goals.


OUR PHILOSOPHY IS BASED ON SERVING OTHERS, from the most basic transaction work to the most complex and diverse projects.  Real estate, the different land classifications and nuances of each type, has become increasingly complex over cumulative 50 years of experience our professional team has to offer.  Whether it be farms, ranches, elk hunting, deer hunting, upland bird, water fowl, fishing, transition and development properties, commercial properties, hunting and guest ranches or mining, and oil and gas properties, we are steeped in experience in order to better serve your needs. 


OUR INTEGRITY, CONFIDENTIALITY, AND ETHICS ARE ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for the future growth of our company.  In the end, this is a people and a land business.   Our commitment to serve others is founded on the highest of professional standards.   We lead the industry by attaining and maintaining the best combination of practical hands on knowledge that provide the highest commitment to our clients.


WE BRING OVER FIFTY CUMULATIVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN REAL ESTATE and over the years we have become known as one of the foremost authorities in real estate investment and disposition. We value talent, we value academic prowess, we value practical experience, we value ethics, and we value individuals who are good stewards of the land who understand dynamics ranging from traditional and sustainable use to finding and unleashing a properties highest and best use. Great companies are built on history and Pfister Land Company, LLC has a tremendous track record. We also embrace change, always looking to the future so that we meet the needs of the ever-changing world and the demands of our clientele.