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Fence Wildflowers

Beaver Rim Ranch

Property Details

Beaver Rim Ranch is an investment ranch sitting in the shadows of the Big Horn Mountains located between Shell and Greybull, Wyoming. The ranch consists of approximately 475+/- deeded acres and holds the grazing lease to over 10,000 acres of BLM. Beaver Creek traverses the entire length of the deeded portion of the ranch providing water and cover for livestock and wildlife alike. The ranch is home to various species of wildlife, including deer, elk, antelope, turkey, pheasant, hungarian partridge, and chucker. The ranch holds irrigation rights on both Levitt Reservoir and Beaver Creek with over 160 acres currently under irrigation for grazing with an owner rated carrying capacity of 50 animal units. The ranch borders thousands of acres of BLM land and is only minutes by public road to untouched Forest Service land in the Big Horn Mountains. There is plenty of room to roam and hunt on this Wyoming property and is the perfect location for the outdoor enthusiast. Close to several towns such as Greybull, Powell, Billings, Cody, Sheridan and Buffalo providing all necessities and amenitites. Deeded riparian creek bottoms like this in this area are very rare and this parcel is a blank canvas for new improvements. Good water rights on the deeded portion of the ranch, both off Levitt Reservoir and Beaver Creek, provide ample irrigation to the upper bench and the creek bottom making it highly productive. The BLM lease acres do not provide a significant benefit to the carrying capacity of the ranch but do provide a vast track of land to explore.


  • Incredible access to tens of thousands of acres of BLM and Forest Service
  • Good irrigation water from both the creek and a reservoir
  • Excellent county road and utility access
  • Solid exit strategy with multiple building sites
  • Unparalleled views of deep canyons, colorful rock formations and the Big Horn Mountains


The ranch is situated in Big Horn County approximately 13 miles northwest of Shell (population 50) and northeast of Greybull (population 1,853). Follow Beaver Creek Road of US Highway 14 as it meanders through the fertile farm ground of Shell Valley until it runs parallel to the Big Horn Mountains and continues up the Beaver Creek Valley. The elevation at the ranch is approximately 4,210 feet above sea level. Beaver Creek Road continues past the ranch to Levitt Reservoir and to US Forest Service access to the headwaters of Beaver Creek. By visiting the following websites you can quickly become familiar with both towns and what they have to offer newcomers: www.visitgreybull.com and www.greybull.com.

Recreational Opportunities

The ranch is teaming with game. Mule deer, whitetail, antelope occasional elk graze throughout the riparian areas of Beaver Creek and then retreat to the cover found in Forest Service and BLM land. Excellent bird hunting includes Chukar, turkey, and pheasant. Brown Trout run up Beaver Creek from Shell Creek, and Leavitt Reservoir is a fishing and water foul recreation resource as well. The well maintained county roads lead to Forest Service foot trails and endless BLM two track trails. Owner rated at 50+ animal units with good summer and winter pasture.