Mountains with blue sky
Mountains with blue sky

Targeted Grazing as a Tool to Combat Invasive Species

Posted on: Nov 16, 2017

Targeted Grazing as a Tool to Combat Invasive Species

The Western Governor’s Association recently hosted a webinar regarding Idaho’s all lands approach to grazing management. Professionals and experts from NRCS, the University of Idaho Rangelands Center, Idaho Governor’s Office of Species Conservation, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Idaho Rangeland Resources Board of Directors.

During their discussion, they touched on grazing as a management tool with invasive species. The concept is centered on site-specific, targeted grazing utilizing the right species at the right time. In these scenarios, often the question of grazing is not a yes or no question, but a with what and when question.

For example, studies in Nevada and Oregon have shown that winter grazing can be really effective in treating cheat grass. The Society of Range Management’s targeted grazing committee has also identified the following invasive species that can be managed by targeted grazing:

  • Yellow star thistle can be managed with goats
  • In the Northern Great Plains leafy spurge has been successfully managed with both sheep and goats

Invasive species like western juniper and salt cedar are more difficult to manage with grazing.

The full webinar is availabe here.

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