Sage Grouse: Not Listed as Endangered

According to a press release from the U.S. Department of Interior dated March 5, 2010 Sage Grouse will not be listed on the endangered species list.
According to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar "The sage-grouse's decline reflects the extent to which open land in the West has been developed in the last century," said Salazar. "This development has provided important benefits, but we must find common-sense ways of protecting, restoring, and reconnecting the Western lands that are most important to the species' survival while responsibly developing much-needed energy resources. Voluntary conservation agreements, federal financial and technical assistance and other partnership incentives can play a key role in this effort." The species will be added to the candidate list allowing the Fish and Wildlife Service and other agencies an opportunity to continue to work cooperatively with private landowners to conserve the candidate species.
According to the press release The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will review the status of the species annually, as it does with all candidate species, and will propose the species for protection when funding and workload priorities for other listing actions allow. Should the status of the greater sage-grouse sufficiently improve as a result of the efforts to be undertaken, the Service could determine that the protection of the Endangered Species Act is not needed.

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